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New 40W BLIZZ Laser Speeds Up PCB Cutting
InnoLas Photonics has expanded its portfolio of innovative high speed PCB cutting lasers
made in Germany. The new laser is called BLIZZ 532-40-V and may look identical to
the well-established BLIZZ 532-30-V but offers now 40W of green output power with an
extreme short pulse width of 15 ns at 40 kHz. The unique combination of high pulse
energy and the incredible high peak power of 67 kW is the key factor to fast PCB cutting
with excellent quality. BLIZZ 532-40-V is especially interesting for cutting thick
PCB’s > 2mm that were difficult to laser-cut before. Advanced trigger features like
CPEM+ (constant pulse energy mode) allow the user to fully benefit of the latest digital
scanner technology and help to further improve speed and quality of the cut.
As in all BLIZZ models the laser is available with either a 48 VDC OEM power supply or a
90-240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz 19” rack mount power supply.
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