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CARBIDE Femtosecond Lasers for Industry and Science


  • 290 fs – 10 ps tunable pulse duration
  • 400 μJ pulse energy
  • 40 W output power
  • 60 kHz – 1 MHz tunable base repetition rate
BLIZZ 532nm/40W nanosecond laser

With pulsewidths as short as 20ns and pulse energies up to 750μJ, the BLIZZ is the perfect tool for today’s demanding applications that require high output power, excellent beam quality and superior pulse-to-pulse stability even at high repetition rates.



SpitLight 600 OPO
  • Compact, robust flash-lamp pumped YAG / OPO with high pulse energy
  • Nd:YAG pumplaser and OPO within one compact housing
  • One central software for controlling the whole device
  • Robust and stable mechanical and optical setup
  • 355 nm or 532 nm pumping to get the maximum energy for a specific spectral region
  • Broad- and Midband OPO´s with a tuning range from 413-2500 nm
  • Wavelength calibration included
  • UFS-Technology (ultrafast wavelength shifting)
User defined wavelength adjustment for each pulse
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