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SpitLight 600 OPO
¡´Compact, robust flash-lamp pumped YAG / OPO with high pulse energy
¡´Nd:YAG pumplaser and OPO within one compact housing
¡´One central software for controlling the whole device
¡´Robust and stable mechanical and optical setup
¡´355 nm or 532 nm pumping to get the maximum energy for a specific spectral region
¡´Broad- and Midband OPO´s with a tuning range from 413-2500 nm
¡´Wavelength calibration included
¡´UFS-Technology (ultrafast wavelength shifting)
¡´User defined wavelength adjustment for each pulse


InnoLas Laser Ltd. now offers nanosecond OPOs (optical parametric oscillators) as complete systems. The pump laser, the modules for frequency multiplication as well as the OPO resonator are integrated into a compact case. All modules are centrally fed by a supply unit and operated using a µ-controller. You can choose between standard systems for the visible range (410 nm – 700 nm) and the infrared range (670 nm – 950 nm) with an energy output of 5 mJ – 100 mJ and a repetition rate of 10 Hz. An ultrafast phase adjustment module enables the unrestricted choice of output wavelengths for each single laser pulse within the entire tuning range. The systems are composed of modules and can be adjusted flexibly to the customers’ needs. This includes options such as midband/broadband outlets, fiberglass inlets, outlets for signal/idler/pump radiation and many more. Just like all InnoLas lasers, the new OPO series guarantees for uncomplicated operation through its robust setup, user-friendly software and fast, reliable customer service.

Laser Parameters

¡´Repetition Rate: 1-20 Hz
¡´Energy @ 1064 nm: 600 mJ
¡´Energy @ 532 nm: 400 mJ
¡´Energy @ 355 nm: 250 mJ
¡´Pulse Width: < 8 ns
¡´Beam Profile: Flat-Top
¡´Beam Diameter: < 8 mm @ 532 nm / < 6.5 mm @ 355 nm
¡´Pulse Width Reduction: 0-3 ns
¡´Tuning Range (355 nm pumped): 413-709 nm (signal) / 709-2.500 nm (idler)
¡´Tuning Range (532 nm pumped): 675-1,064 nm (signal) / 1,064-2,500 nm (idler)
¡´Wavelength Shifting Time: < 50 ms
¡´Line Width: Broadband 10-450 cm-1 Midband: down to 5 cm-1
¡´Signal Output Energy @ 450 nm (355 nm pumped): Broadband: 60 mJ Midband: 50 mJ
¡´Signal Output Energy @ 750 nm (532 nm pumped): Broadband: 100 mJ Midband: 80 mJ


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